About Us

Our Mission is to end the cycle of chronic illiteracy by identifying the most marginalized children in our partner communities and support them to access education.

Our vision is to create a community in which education is not a luxury for the few, but a reality for all children.

We believe that education is one of the fundamental rights for every child. Access to education in many countries depends on the ability to pay school fees, have scholastic material and as a result, the most marginalized children, those with one or no parents, often forego an education—a situation that we find to be unacceptable. Through our experience working with community leaders, we understand that the first step to ending this vicious cycle of poverty
is by providing children with an education, and allowing them to maximize their potential as adults, eventually giving back to their community.

We give career guidance by helping students make right education career choices.Our staff move around all schools (primary and secondary) in the Bwindi area to guide students to make right and affordable career choices through telling them inspirational talks and success stories of some people they know.

We host volunteers (teachers/ educational psychologists) to our partner schools

Are you enthusiastic about early childhood development? Do you love kids and want to teach them about the world? Our project works with four private, 3 government primary and 2 secondary schools in Bwindi area that cater exclusively to the education, housing and feeding of needy children and orphans. However, local education is largely rote learning. Come and feed their hungry little brains!
Volunteers are involved in academics, arts and crafts, structured play, music/singing, sports, and public health. The main focus is to provide children with a loving, creative, interactive environment in which to flourish. Volunteers choose which subjects and age groups to teach upon arrival. They work independently to plan lessons using government curriculum and textbooks. Please be aware that kids come with only pencils and exercise books. Bring any further tools or materials you wish to use.
No teaching qualifications are required although volunteers should be reliable, organized and creative.

We give psychological and moral support to children especially those from humble families to give them hope for the future.We go in the communities giving inspirational talks and success stories of Education in the local schools

Lastly and essential , We give out scholastic materials (books, pens, bags, uniform etc.) and school fees to needy children attending to local schools both primary and secondary. This is done through selling the hand made crafts (by the children) which we sell at our office and donations from friends.

donation are  either  a financial donation or school items. Scholastic materials may include

  • books
  • mathematical sets
  • pencils
  • sanitary towels for girls
  • shoes
  • school uniform
  • rulers
  • school fees
  • water filters
  • water tanks
  • Computers

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