Friends of Education Bwindi was founded in December 2013 by Jeremiah Nahamya who had just completed his University Education that had been attained with help of well-wishers and sponsors.

Jeremiah who was raised from a humble background became a double orphan after losing his mum immediately after his “A” level exams. Hopes to further his studies were gone until he met Rev. Marvin Bamforth from Cypress who raised funds for his University education. Jeremiah who graduated with a degree in Information Technology had always longed to help children who had similar background to acquire an education which was later realised when he got a job in a local hospital.

But this could not be enough to support the growing numbers of needy children which prompted a fundraising strategy which many “friends of Education” have given to and this clearly is changing many children’s hopes for the future.

Hopes are that all the beneficiaries of the program will give back to their communities.

Needy children are selected through village and church committees who clearly know the children and also, we work with local schools to identify children who need our support.

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