Welcome to Partner with us !

Bwindi Community Kindergarten and Day Care was established under the Friends of Education Bwindi in 2019 after an assessment of why children  drop out of school before completing Primary school.  It was found out that most children  who start school after 5 year tend not to remain in school  compared to their counterparts  that start at an earlier age (1 year).

Bwindi Community Kindergarten and Day Care therefore  focuses on early childhood development and instills  a learning foundation to children from their early age.

Located opposite Bwindi Community Hospital  second gate.
Open every day of the week from 8:00 am to 5:30pm.
Volunteer teachers and day care attendants are  very welcome to spend time to play with and teach children.

Welcome to Supporting the cause with
– Food
– Playing Equipment
– School Van
– Pay a teacher

We have successfully offered a better alternative to the parents who have a busy schedule,
with mother care services, which include better kid’s meals, health, hygiene and toilet habits, secure play environment, better than what would be  offered my a house maid

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